Dear BBC, Let’s expose your one Eye Pirated Journalism

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BBC published an opinion titledBabri mosque: India’s Muslims feel more abandoned than ever”. This article borders to ill-information and provocation with flawed logic and false equivalences. This article is a point by point rebuttal to misinformation propagated by BBC.

The article claims of nearly three decades of deliberation on witnesses and documents the court found the accused of the demolition as not guilty. It is pertinent to note that the Babri masjid issue is not a 3 decades of court case. It is of more than 4 centuries of struggle of Hindus to get the birthplace of Bhagwan Rama back. The main contention is not the demolition of the tomb of masjid but the demolition of the birthplace of Bhagwan Rama by muslim invader which the current day so called peace loving muslim refused to hand over the site where no prayers were offered since atleast 1949.

The author goes on point put how even with credible witnesses all accused were acquitted and blames India’s sluggish and criminal justice system. 

First, the foundation of the justice system in India is as British justice system. This justice system is followed with various amendments in the UK and is same is the case in India. Is BBC reflecting that the criminal justice system in the UK is sluggish and chaotic?

Secondly, coming back to the case, has the author read the full judgement of the competent court to make this comment?  In his order running into 2,300 pages, the judge, Surendra Kumar Yadav said the demolition was not pre planned and was the handiwork of unruly element amongst the Kar Sevaks. Also, the CBI couldn’t prove that the accused Sangh Parivar functionaries were behind any conspiracy to demolish the 16th century structure on 6th December 1992.

As a good journalist, it was the duty of the author to read the judgment and present facts instead of misrepresenting the same with baseless and accusatory statement like “Sluggish and chaotic judgement”. 

On a more serious note to this, is BBC now getting into other countries internal matters and laws and civil administration and passing judgements on them? Is it part of UK Government policy that BBC is acting on by interfering on other countries legal establishments?

Coming to the next point where BBC describes that this verdict further marginalises Indian Muslims. And once again states that under the current Government Muslims are pushed to the corner and being humiliated by mob lynching etc. Does BBC have proof that the mob lynching are on behest of the Government?  Is BBC trying to ignite religious hatred in India with this article? 

Let me state the fact for my bold accusation on BBC.

  1. A judgement of acquittal cannot be the reason of marginalisation of 25% of country’s population. BBC is stating that the competent court of India has delivered a judgement against Muslim is nothing but igniting hatred in India. The judiciary system does not work on basis of religion or caste or creed. It is based on facts and if any person and / or organisation has any issue with the facts can always appeal to the court’s order. So STOP the word marginalisation or abondanment. It is wrong
  2. Yes, there has been a few unfortunate cases of Mob lynching. Again, in the population of 200 million, a few cases (not more than 10 -15) is deemed as against the whole community? The cases are in court. How come BBC pass a judgement without the full court case? And has BBC looked at many Hindus being killed by Muslims for whatever reason? Why the killing of Hindus not being given religious angle and only of Muslims?
  3. Further to the topic of marginalisation during the BJP government, The union government has spent over Rs 1,000 crore over seven years to modernise madrasas or Islamic educational institutions, according to data released by Minister for Human Resource Development Prakash Javadekar in the Lok Sabha. The government increased the spending on the Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madrasas (SPQEM), launched in 2009-10, from Rs 46 crore to Rs 294 crore more than a five-fold increase. Spending almost tripled in one year 2015-16 to Rs 294 crore from Rs 108 crore in the previous year. Under the scheme, financial assistance is provided to encourage traditional institutions like madrasas and maktqabs to introduce modern education in subjects such as science, mathematics, social studies, Hindi and English in their curriculum through support for teachers, books, teaching learning materials and computer labs.
  4. On the anti CAA rally, Indian Government has not banned entry of any Muslims but fast-tracked asylum cases of non-Muslims from neighbouring countries. If BBC is supporting the anti CAA rallies as it seems so, then is BBC confirming that there is no minorities killing in Pakistan/Bangladesh/Afghanistan and hence minorities of these countries should not be given preference in India? Or is BBC of the belief that no Muslim illegal immigrants from mainly Pakistan or Bangladesh reside in India and pose no threat to India? Further UK also have strict asylum policies and turn off boats and stop them from entering UK. Does in the same logic BBC is of the opinion that these asylum seekers should be let to enter UK in thousands? Because UK has different policy for EU and non-EU nation as of now. Isn’t this a discrimination too?
  5. Is BBC not aware the during BJP Government a Muslim was proposed to be elected as President and was given the most honour a President can receive? Or is BBC saying that during this Government rule Muslims are getting less jobs or less income than before. Statistics shows a different figure. Unless BBC is stating that like the judiciary system the statistics of India is also “sluggish”.

The problem with the Muslim community in India lies elsewhere. From 1947 till 1978, during the formation of education system post British rule, a significant portion of this time India had Muslim as education minister. They did nothing to uplift the Muslim societies except for opening madrasas that was miles away from modern teaching but created an atmosphere of teaching hatreds, not letting science and Maths part of curriculum and brain washed students to level of alienation. Every society whether developed or non-developed country has hardliners, but the tragedy of India is Muslims though grew in percentage has remained largely hardlined and alienated because of lack of leadership and wrong leaders within the community. These leaders who have all modern amenities and made sure their children are educated in best education society kept the majority of Muslim society devoid of this for their own vote benefit. 

Having said this, many Muslims who managed to come out of clutches of these leaders are doing very well having mixed in main-stream society.

Now can’t the above paragraph be copy pasted under the heading “UK Muslims” or any other European country Muslims too?

Being critical is an important part of journalism, however there is a fine line between being critical and yellow journalism. BBC it seems is crossing this line too often.

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