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5 D’s of China Diplomacy

5 D’s of China Diplomacy   (Debt, Deceit, Dominate, Demand, Destroy)   China’s game plan to become global superpower hastily costing heavily to the whole world especially developing nations. China…


Yogi : A Monk With a Difference

Uttar Pradesh, a state having largest population among all the states in India. Twenty two crore plus population equivalent to population of several countries of Europe, 2/3rd of USA, double…

BREXIT: Onward & Upward

Brexit is the ultimate People’s Choice. On 23rd June 2016, the British people voted to leave the European Union. More people voted to Leave, than have ever voted for anything…

How The 48% Live

If anything underlines the absolute disconnect between those who voted Remain, and kept on Remoaning, and those who voted Brexit (and explains why Brexit is a revolutionary movement), it is…

Rendezvous with REACH 🇮🇳 TV

7th October 2020, London: REACH 🇮🇳 launches it’s “Rendezvous with REACH 🇮🇳” – Bharat ki Awaaz, Bharat ke liye, on it’s Youtube – REACH 🇮🇳 TV Channel. This programme will…


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