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  • A Couple Pioneered Power Without FuelA Couple Pioneered Power Without Fuel
      Salil Gewali A great scientist of electronics -- Nikola Tesla once exclaimed --  “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” It is perhaps the “ripe time” to take the sage words by the Serbian-born American genius to heart!… Read more »
  • WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Blackburn Jihadi Malik Akram In The Words Of His CommunityWORLD EXCLUSIVE: Blackburn Jihadi Malik Akram In The Words Of His Community
    The world was shocked by the hostage taking in a Texas Synagogue by British born muslim Malik Faisal Akram on Saturday 15th January 2022. American SWAT teams brought the situation to a close by shooting Akram dead, but questions of how a man with a criminal record, and who was… Read more »
  • More Than Just A PartyMore Than Just A Party
         Andy Mac You'd have to be a pretty serious devotee of all things Johnsonian to excuse the way operations in Downing Street have been running whilst the rest of the UK was experiencing lockdown restrictions unprecedented in our history. Although I wouldn't venture as far as to say… Read more »
  • Riz Ahmed Is A Whopping HypocriteRiz Ahmed Is A Whopping Hypocrite
      In June 2021, 'four lions' actor Riz Ahmed decided to attack the industry that made him famous and presumably wealthy, by attacking it as 'racist' and islamophobic'. His main beef was with how muslims were often portrayed on screen, particularly in action films. His complaint was that they were… Read more »
  • When Irish Eyes Are SnarlingWhen Irish Eyes Are Snarling
         Andy Mac I've had two tenuous encounters with the consequences of IRA terrorism in my life. Both came in 1981 when I was a child who had not long moved to Wimbledon in south-west London. The first took place in late April when our primary school Headmaster, Mr… Read more »
  • A New Leader To Fight In 2024?A New Leader To Fight In 2024?
         Rajiv Saxena At a time when US citizens are asking how long Joe Biden can survive as President, who’s best qualified to take on the Republicans in 2024 elections? With VP Kamala Harris’ poll numbers in the downward trend, Michelle Obama could be one to wait and watch.… Read more »
  • Twitter Drags AltNewsMedia To The Digital GulagTwitter Drags AltNewsMedia To The Digital Gulag
      In the early hours of Wednesday morning, the AltNewsMedia social media email account received an email from Twitter HQ making the statement that our official twitter account had been suspended. Dragged off in the middle of the night, never to be seen again. After driving sizeable traffic for Twitter… Read more »
  • ‘Whoever Controls The Media, Controls The Mind’‘Whoever Controls The Media, Controls The Mind’
         Andy Mac As I sit down to feverishly type out this new article for AltNewsMedia, do you know how many people across the globe have died from the OMICRON variant? I'll tell you. None! ZERO!! Statistically that means you're more likely to die attending a party in Michael… Read more »
  • Alternative To Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Needed!Alternative To Twitter, Facebook And Instagram Needed!
         Rajiv Saxena A video is viral in the internet world, of one of the most powerful people in the world – the next CEO of Twitter. Just think how much power Donald Trump had via his tens of millions of his dedicated followers on Twitter. Well, Twitter showed… Read more »
  • BBC Investigation Targets India Through Divisive Anti-Sikh Propaganda BBC Investigation Targets India Through Divisive Anti-Sikh Propaganda 
        Saurav Dutt In its perennial quest to dehumanise and demonise India, and in particular the Narendra Modi BJP government, the BBC has revealed the results of an exhaustive investigation in which it contends that a coordinated network of fake accounts posed as Sikh personas to promote the 'nationalism'… Read more »
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