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In response to this article


The article of Pankaj Mishra published in The Guardian newspaper reflects the most narrow and racial mindset of a so called learned person and most horrifying is The Guardian published this article.  

The article starts with the blatant accusation of the democratic process and degradation of racial intelligence. It states, “The world has watched in appalled fascination as the UK’s ruling party scrapes the bottom of its human resources barrel: it found there its first Black chancellor of the exchequer and then, to clear up his mess, its first Hindu prime minister”. Is the author trying to say that a Black chancellor can be found by scraping the bottom of its human resource? Will he have used such a phrase if the chancellor would not have been black? We have evolved as humanity and still some so-called learned elitist uses the phrase that demeans the whole race and it seems to be ok with The Guardian to publish. By writing to clear up the mess, its first Hindu PM, what is the author trying to conclude to? A hindu is not fit to clear the mess, Does Rishi Sunak’s credential likes only being a Hindu?

The article states Rishi Sunak is a self-proclaimed devout Hindu? It’s shocking that if a person say he is a Hindu becomes a self-proclaimed Hindu (as if he needs a stamp from someone first to be called a devout Hindu) more in a demeaning way and the use of Desi to Hindu is an insult to all other Indians of different religion. Does it mean that a Muslim or a Christian or a Sikh or a Jain or a Buddhist is not desi? Does the author believe that only a Hindu can be a desi (in the context of being an Indian or from Indian origin)? Was he snoring when the Indian media and the Desis also clapped for Suella Braverman? And by stating not eating beef and drinking is an upper-class taboo, is he meaning that so called lower castes only eat beef and drink alcohol? Is he stating that sikhs, Jains and others eat beef and drink alcohol?

The article seem to have rubbished all Indians (specially NRIs) except Mahatma Gandhi. As if Mahatma Gandhi was the lone freedom fighter and that all evils have an NRI hand. As an NRI myself, I am proud to be of this community that has helped globally for prosperity in all fields be it Medicine, Engineering, IT, business, art or any other field. Moreover, yes, I am proud to be a Hindu also as most these successes are Hindus. I am not apologetic about being a Hindu who believe in global and humane prosperity, and I am sure most of Hindus feel so.

Coming back to the country of discussion, the UK, the author should have done a fact check that the highest tax in percentage comes from Indian background (DESI) in UK. The lowest percentage in prison are the Desis and many more. Its all in Government website just in case there is a doubt of it’s a desi myth.

Coming to Rishi Sunak or Priti Patel or anyone, they have been the best, they are all trying their best for the country. They may falter as they are all humans, but they have credentials and not picked from the bottom of the barrel. There may be few cases of wrong doers, but no one has claimed a desi can only be good. But, yes we desi can say we have kept the evils to minimum. Let’s rejoice to that. Some with lassi, some with wine. Nothing in moderation is a taboo.

Further I am not going to comment on the electoral and democratic process of UK in response to the article stating Rishi Sunak had support of only handfuls of Tories. He should read the constitution and law to write. It will be waste of time to comment on such naïve write up.

Let’s give a big round of applause to the Tories for electing its first non-white PM. Yes, there is a mess, but let’s applaud for them to give chance to the best person who can resolve this. It’s just that he happens to be a Hindu and could not get in earlier due to politics. A fair politics.

And to The Guardian, please employ good editors so such rubbish articles are not published.

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