Some Facts about the Covid19 Vaccine.

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SOME VACCINATION FACTS: None of the 1,91000 people vaccinated in India including yours truly on 16/1/21 had any major side effects.Hats off to the scientists who worked night and day to prepare the vaccine and the medical personnel who are still fighting to save lives. Even after over 30 years,we are still searching for a Malaria vaccine.

It is estimated that vaccines will prevent severe disease,reducing Covid 19 to a mere common cold.Of the 100% people covered,upto 65% will be fully protected after 10-14 days.The remaining will get only mild symptoms if infected.It takes upto 14 days after vaccination for the vaccine to act.Till then,people can catch the virus and spread it.Vaccines can’t stop the virus from entering the body but they can neutralize it.Current vaccines are effective against the new fast spreading strain of Covid 19.No vaccine is 100% safe.

Only 1 in many thousands can get immediate reactions due to the polyethylene glycol which are manageable.That is why a 30 min wait and watch period is observed post vaccination.Late side effects can include nausea,headache,mild fever and loose motions which subside quickly.Former Covid 19 patients can get vaccinated after complete remission.Remember,40% Covid 19 patients have no symptoms but can spread the virus.Vaccination,social distancing,masks and sanitization must continue for some time if we are to defeat Corona.

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