Islamists unleash havoc on Hindu Community in Leicester, UK

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The Hindu community in Leicester, UK is only just emerging from the fire and fury of well-coordinated, enraged Islamist gangs desperate to seize the moral high ground in order to assert their dominance amidst a hopelessly confused police response. 

It all began with a mere cricket match but it went further than a mere sport, soon giving way to a maelstrom of communal discord, Islamist thuggery and a feeble police response that has left a major British city in communal ruins, a city which will no longer be seen as a thriving metropolis of multiculturalism, but as just another urban wasteland in which radical Islamists can dictate the rule of law, oppress kaffirs, and assert dominance while the police officers look helplessly on. 

The police force opened the way for Islamist misrule by falsely claiming in an email that a small group of people had called for the deaths of Muslims and Pakistan, inferring that the slogans could well be the handiwork of the Indian Hindu diaspora. A scrambled response to explain that this was not correct was irrelevant for it paved the way for a nauseatingly predictable set of scenes which western audiences are sadly now used to: enraged Islamists arrogating to themselves the right to tell anyone around them just how insulted they were and that nobody could stand in their way while they expressed their displeasure and outrage. Usually, it is those of the Judeo-Christian faith that have to sit by and deal with the consequences whether it be in France or the United States, this time it was the peaceful Hindu community in Great Britain.  

What followed were harrowing scenes of Hindus being assaulted in their cars while parked in their driveways, Hindu families remaining indoors as Islamist groups wandered the streets inciting violence and vandalizing property, throwing eggs at religious idols as a sacred Hindu festival was being observed. As dispersal powers were activated by befuddled police unable to shut down the rage of the Islamists (where have we seen that before?) the same groups turned their rage towards the peaceful Hindu groups that had since decided to take a stand and use the power of civil protest to express their dismay.  

The Islamists weren’t listening to their calls for peace and instead hurled glass bottles at protestors, going so far to desecrate then burn a Hindu saffron flag (inscribed with the holy ‘Om’ symbol) atop a temple as the police looked on. There have been arrests but the narrative has shifted towards one engineered by the Islamist cadres: that the Hindus are right-wing fanatics issuing war cries and that peaceful Muslims simply had to assail groups of large numbers to protect one another. This narrative has support from echo chambers and ecosystems in the west extolling a narrative, often with Islamist supporters coordinating talking points, that some Hindus are adherents to a kind of South Asian alt-right, that they fall in step with the ideologies of Narendra Modi who by his friendship with Donald Trump must be a prototype fascist. They call this movement ‘Hindutva’ without understanding what it is or what it might represent. Interestingly no definition has ever been ascribed as to its exact provenance and meaning, other than a political belief in preserving the sanctity of the Hindu religion. You might call it a Hindu kind of Zionism, and we all know what Islamists think of that philosophy. 

Ironically, the Islamists attribute the chants of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ by the peaceful Hindu protestors as akin to Nazi salutes and fascist sloganeering even though the chant simply names a deity held in great esteem by many Hindus and Indians across the world and whose idol sits within just about every Hindu temple built in countries worldwide. That the cries of ‘Allahu Akbar’ accompany terror attacks and episodes of unrelenting violence do not merit the same criticism or level of disparagement by these very western echo chambers or the Islamists themselves is always revealing. 

What we’ve seen in Leicester, as in other cities around the world where Islamist groups can quickly assemble through social media enclaves, is a mobilization of personnel to unleash terror without any fear of legal repercussion by western powerbrokers that are too afraid to be seen as racist or worse still Islamophobic rather than keep other British citizens safe.  

That the British citizens in this case were not white makes their mute stewardship of these riots a particular insult to the Hindu community, one of the most peaceful, socially conservative, law abiding, well integrated and well assimilated communities in the United Kingdom.  

There was also swift deployment of that useful weapon in the battle against the kaffir, the mistruth, which in this case was a completely false allegation that a mosque was attacked by Hindus which was promptly debunked by Leicestershire police and that a Hindu man had tried to kidnap a Muslim girl in the city, also proven to be false. While Islamists indulged in rabid misinformation painting the Hindu community as the perpetrator and not the victim that it was, western media quickly picked up the truths being propagated by Islamist rent-a-journalists, picking on one or two random Hindus and editing the footage to make them appear both incoherent and out of step with the rest of the peaceful protestors. 

To add insult to injury, the Islamists than wielded that other tool in their arsenal of narrative weapons-victimhood status. As violence played itself out the Islamists took to social media and assembled their pliant stooges in left-wing media houses to confirm that they were in fact the real victims, desperately defending themselves after violent Hindus had targeted them. A little like how the IDF apparently always targets Islamists in Israel except that this isn’t Palestine, this is Leicester.  

To Islamists the only thing more insulting than a kaffir amidst their ranks is a whole group of them daring to stand up for their rights and particularly if they do so peacefully. That Islamists have particular disdain and outright contempt for Hindus is well known throughout history and unfortunately Leicester has shown that these age-old grievances have been imported from the madrassas and mosques in Pakistan and the Muslim world that elevate their religious identity and patronage above paganistic idol worshippers which is what Hindus are to them. It is little wonder that this should be happening when the number of mosques in the UK has multiplied over the previous fifty years alongside demographic shifts that have ensured the Muslim bloc vote is an incredibly powerful one in British politics.  

This power shift has reinforced itself through representation in media, academia, local and country wide political paradigms and in the culture wars where the cry of ‘Islamophobe’ is redolent of autocratic rule. Urban centers like Leicester are ‘easy meat’ for Islamists that wish to dictate their world view and show disregard for those not like them. We’ve seen this with the grooming gang debacles in the UK where mostly white, working-class young girls were subjugated and oppressed first by their Islamist rapists then ignored and discarded by the police forces for fear of offending them. 

In Leicester, the idea of pagan idol worshipping kaffirs standing up to them and proclaiming the name of one of their most important deities right in their faces was simply unbearable to the Islamist philosophy. The police have been keen to shy away from religion in their calls for peace but to tackle the multicultural hellhole that Leicester is at risk of becoming they have to talk about the root cause of these ugly scenes of sectarian violence or is it doomed to repeat again. This is a particular risk with the tentpole religious festival of Diwali right around the corner. 

Meanwhile Hindus in Leicester are left feeling rudderless, exposed to harm and increasingly vulnerable. The consensus is that if Muslims had been attacked or had their mosque vandalized the scenes would have made headlines around the world and attracted outrage but as it was Hindus who were attacked and had a Temple vandalized, the rest is silence. 

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