Lies of PakChi by Tarek Fatah

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London. 3rd October 2020REACH India held next webinar in the series of “India here, India now” with legendary Tarek Fatah. Staying true to topic and series he commenced by saying that essence of Indian civilisation cannot be wiped inspite of invasions. Tarek shed light on problems Indians face today calling them “enormous” not because they cannot be recognized, but because politics has degenerated. He highlighted that Indians do not need to look at issues from the tribalistic ways wherein we had to be loyal to the headman or where you belonged. 

Tarek Fatah with REACH India on 3rd October, 2020

Focusing the discussion on “lies of Pakistan”, Tarek said Pakistan was created as a buffer state to stop expansion of Russia and Afghans from connecting with Congress – Communist India. What we have today is the ultimate lie that Pakistan is there because of legitimacy of superpowers like US and China and now threat is coming from Turkey. This is re-emergence of imperial Islamic history that attacked various cultures and wiped it out. Only India couldn’t be wiped off from its legacy and history. The bigger problem is Pakistan claims that they are rightful heirs of Mughals and North Indian Muslims believe that they are rightful descendants of Mughals and all other Indians are slaves of Muslims. Tarek specifically mentioned that Imran Khan does not even recognise his daughters then how can we expect him to talk about Uyghur, he is perfect Idiot and thinks he is PM of Pakistan, but not.

Moving onto “lies of China”, Tarek mentioned that China’s policy is to take away Aksai Chin from India, Gilgit Baltistan from Pakistan and North East in India to expand its imperialistic goals, the ultimate goal of China is to reach Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal. China was never a neighbour of India, China illegitimately occupied East Turkmenistan and Tibet and became our neighbour. China is in UN Security Council to only stop India from getting in UNSC. Chinese culture is largely influenced by Buddhism, Indians are living in ignorance and don’t understand China’s games and agenda. Pakistan can lie about India to attack it. China doesn’t need to lie and can directly attack India. World didn’t notice Chinese aggression against India.

Tarek then went onto mention that Maulana Azad who was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia changed the history books of India and Indians are seeing it silently. Another worst thing to notice is that most of the anti-Indian literature is written by Indians residing abroad. Indian diplomatic core does not portray right image for India, unfortunately enemies are hellbent and suffocating Indians. When India doesn’t have an official response for Pakistan’s lies, can Indian as a civilization can’t come out to stand up for India? Attacks on India and India’s position remain unanswered wherever we go, we Indians at time lack spirit to fight e.g.; Recent protest against China near Chinese Embassy or Pakistan Embassy across world. When a Baloch boy from a small village in Balochistan can protest against Pakistan in Canada why no Indian can come out and protest against Pakistan. Tarek said there is a need from each and every Indian household one person has to come out for the cause of India and counter all these anti India elements. Indian Hindus have to recognize that if they aren’t Indians first, they have to shun their caste identities. Even in the caste system, it is further branched like grade A, B etc.; caste system is damaging India a lot.

Mr. Fatah was critical about Muslims in India and said that India represents the Muslims of India but not Pakistan. Indian Muslim needs to take ownership of India, or otherwise they can go to Pakistan or Bangladesh. Indian Muslims why never have come to support India on Kashmir issue, but they fight for mosques. There are more than 50K mosques and 10K madrasas in India and in every prayer Muslim asks to punish Kafir’s and declare war on non-believers. China committing many atrocities on Uyghur Muslims, but Indian Muslims are silent on this, against while they scream about Kashmir. Tarek said that he has never seen one happy Indian Muslim family who migrated to Pakistan, they were all suppressed and forced to learn Urdu to get jobs.

You cannot have a country that has no agenda other than personal gains, this is the problem with Indian middle class. Some Indian parents unfortunately name their babies as Taimur and these have to be considered as anti-India. No Pakistani has named their children with Indian names. By naming them with Arabic or Turkish names instead of Hindustani names is a typical syndrome in Indian and Pakistani Muslims. 

Mr. Fatah concluded by voicing his support for “Akhand Bharat” and said ‘Attak se Cuttack hai Hindustan’. He then went onto say “Jab Bhagwan Ram hamare hain, Budha bhi hamara hai, aur GuruNanak bhi hamara hai”.

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