Maha Govt needs to introspect and perform instead of bashing BJP ruled states

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Maharashtra is adding more cases that total active cases in Gujarat. Maharashtra added 17,794 cases yesterday and has 2,72,775 active cases. On the other hand, total active cases in Gujarat are 16,407 and added 1,442 cases yesterday. This is despite the fact that Gujarat has tested around 69,000 people per million population, compared to Maharashtra testing around 56,000 people per million population. This is how Gujarat has managed to trace cases of Coronavirus more efficiently compared to Maharashtra.

It was senseless for Sanjay Raut to talk about Gujarat, when his Government was failing on all fronts. From managing business confidence in the state to opening the state for business and trade to controling the spread of Coronavirus. It sounded very attractive and fashionable in secular liberal media to hide their own incompetence and non-performance by criticizing Gujarat. But the fact remains that Gujarat has opened up, and all major markets are functioning well, while Mumbai is still struggling to curtail the spread of virus by keeping the city under lockdown. This is the first time in history of Mumbai that local trains have been closed for general public for now six months. This abject failure of Maharashtra Government led by Shiv Sena – NCP – Congress’ Maha Vikas Aghadi cannot go unnoticed when we look at facts and data. All kind of jingoistic PR using son of the soil card and celebrities doesnt work in long term.

It would be advisable for Maharashtra Government to focus on its own state and its own situation instead of blaming other states to show itself in good light by grabbing media headlines. It is also advisable that media plays a constructive role in critiquing non-performance and acknowledging performance, instead of playing a partisan role. Real concern is that if this situation continues in Maharashtra, then many industries would leave the state.

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