REACH INDIA GROUP Celebrates its First Anniversary

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On 19th September, 2020 REACH INDIA GROUP completed its one-year journey of uniting Global Bhartiyas towards a combine Nationalistic way of life.

The Group celebrated its 1st Year Anniversary by organising an Online Webinar with domain expert-speakers like David Vance, a renowned Geo-political Analyst from UK and Retd. Major of Indian Armed Forces, Mr. Gaurav Arya. Both personalities shared their views on “How to Rein in China”. They later also took some interesting questions from the august audience.

Mr. Arya was of the view that China understands and respects the language of power and India has to put forth a proactive attitude at the borders and in diplomacy. Mr. David elaborated on how China misuses economic benefits it derives from democracies and puts them to abuse by monopolising resources and taking over tactics with BRI kind of projects. And how important it is to get President Trump to get re-elected amid dangers of a China’s friend Joe Biden sitting in the White House.

Legendary Mr. Arya then announced the launch of new chapters in the continent of America & Australia.  Ace visionary David Vance announced the digital ecosystem of REACH INDIA Group as live.

The core strategy of the Group was reiterated for all the new members and Chapters across the World. To-

1) Promote & build nationalist approach to Life.

2) Strengthen India’s global image with pride in all communities across the board. 3) Raise awareness of Bharat’s Rich history and civilisation, and equip individuals to combat and question false narratives.

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