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When something unexpected happens, that you have taken for granted, it shakes the thought within. It makes one think the basics and fundamentals on which the overall principles are based. This is not a political article or a post to defend or glorify. This article, I think is having a self-introspect of beliefs.

Globally we have this strange emotional swing on democracy. Its either hated or forms the foundation of a society. Let’s talk today on the latter where we stand by democracy. As a nation whether its India, UK, US etc we almost define the world as democratic or oppressors. I am not debating the point but stating the macro level understanding. What my thought is more on micro level, on individual mindset on what democracy is and how it works in real life.

I was wondering how much real democracy I have each day of my life. Let’s take the 8 – 10 hours I dedicate to my professional life. How much democracy do one have there? Can I say I will not work on a week day but instead work on a weekend or not at day but at night (I am excluding the shift work here). The answer in most organisation will be no. Even the democracy (freedom) on dress code etc is minimal. The rest of so-called personal time is when one can have the level of freedom (or democracy) as one chooses.

This article is more about people who talks about democracy, who have interest in politics and participate in the process more often than others. We talk more of how politicians’ mis-use democracy and even how some parties, even some countries don’t have democracies. However, I have seen that when it comes to debate, many times they will block a person in social media if the debate is not up-to their liking, even leave a group if their views are not agreed by all. Why us the fundamental propagandas of democracy can’t take the view of others, or don’t have the courage to respect the alternate ideas. Afterall the idea is to work for common goal. There is no end result, as a result would mean end of change or process, whereas it’s the journey that evolves the betterment, that we call as goal. Why do we tend to take the journey un-democratically and expect a result that will improve democracy? This flows upwards where the opposition parties block parliamentary process as against having a debate and expect democracy to flourish.

I would rather take a bit of chaos, a bit of anger, a bit of debate, lots of discussion and smiles to remember the journey than a regimented approach to get the goal. That to me is the difference between democracy and authoritarian. Mostly the 8 – 10 hours is latter. Let’s live the balance hours in being truly democratic from within as a nature.

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