The Intellectual Farce

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For any unknown Indian person to get some face time, the easiest way is to slam Modi, hand it over to a media house that is hungry to increase their sale, the result is toxic cocktails that make them head heavy and probably the world laughs at them (without them realising it).

The latest in the list is some Anish Kapoor drunk in the cocktail of hatred, arrogance and dis-respectful. The dancing partner is The Guardian. Let’s take a look at what he has written, and The Guardian published it without having a editor worth a dime to proof read it.

The heading itself shows lack of vocabulary and sense. Is Anish Kapoor saying that majority of Indians have voted for a party that is a violent terrorist organisation? Is the writer trying to say that majority of Indians support violence of Taliban to have voted someone like them? Is the writer trying to say only Hindus have voted for Mr Modi?

The headline itself shows lack of sense and worse is this has been approved to be published by the newspaper.

Let’s get to the article now. The article starts with headlines “Flattening buildings in the area is the latest stage in a hateful, vanity-fuelled campaign to de-Islamify India” and then goes on “At the heart of New Delhi, the capital of India, sits a Mughal-inspired monument that houses the seat of the Indian parliament………”

Reality check: Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Hardeep Singh Puri told the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday that once the new Parliament building was ready, the existing one will have to be repaired and made available for alternate use, but no comprehensive thought has been given on what use it should be put to.

He said no historical or iconic building in Lutyens Delhi will be demolished for the Central Vista project, but few buildings will have to be demolished “only when alternate offices have been constructed”.

The learned writer claims this building is a hateful campaign to de-Islamify India and further mention in the article that the building is based on Mughal concept. It further states that Lutyens designed perhaps the most important Islamic-inspired edifice of modern times.

Reality Check: The Parliament building is more of a replica of The Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena looks exactly like the Temple of Democracy in New Delhi.

The Chausath Yogini Temple in Morena district’s Mitawali village, near Gwalior, is believed to have been built by Kachchhapaghata king Devapala (1055 – 1075), which makes one thing certain—it predates India’s Parliament building. The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva stands atop an isolated hill around 100ft high.

Despite the obvious similarities and popular belief that the Madhya Pradesh temple did indeed serve as inspiration for India’s Parliament building, there’s no historical proof saying so. There is no evidence to show that either Lutyens or Baker visited Morena, or that their design was inspired by the temple. The official website of the Parliament of India also does not acknowledge the temple as a source of design inspiration.

But absence of evidence may not be evidence of absence. Former Regional Director (North) of the Archaeological Survey of India, KK Muhammed believes that the resemblance between the two structures is too unmistakable to be ignored. He said the Vedic mantras engraved on the walls of the Parliament is a vindication that the British architects did take into account the Indian art while constructing buildings.

However, there is no mention also that the Parliament building is based on the design of Mughal era and taking Islamic sultanat architect.

The article further states Government has appointed a third-rate architect for this purpose. This type of language for a professional colleague are used only by losers who themselves could not do much and think belittling another person will out them in a high order.

The article further goes on tangent regarding Babri Masjid destruction, however, does not touch upon any point of countless temples, Nalanda University and many such other universities demolished by the hero of this author.

There is very little to write about such so called columnists who nowadays find the easy way out to bark abuses at an elected Government and show their negative side to revive their dead career. The more worrying part is the so-called big media houses who claim to be neutral and what not does not even have a quality control worth the dime to even google and fact check basic things before hurrying to put some anti-India, anti-Modi, anti-Hindu posts. I would take the liberty to say this as the very article itself is nothing but a Hindu phobic anti democracy, NON-FACTUAL publication supported by The Guardian who themselves probably support such nonsense or have the worst quality control system. At least an audit is needed by neutral body to check their process.

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