Why liberals who didnt condemn Kamlesh Tiwari’s murder and Charlie Hedbo are forced to condemn killing of French teacher?

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1 year ago Kamlesh Tiwari was killed for exactly same the reason that the French teacher was killed. Only difference is that not a single liberal condemned that murder and murderers. Rather they defended the murderers by justifying it using arguments of offended feelings and hindus must not hurt religious sentiments of Muslims. Similarly, liberals had defended and justified Charlie Hedbo attack with nearly same reasons as Kamlesh Tiwari.

What changed since then? It is Macron openly calling out Islamic terrorism instead of trying to play secular liberal card. Had Macron obfuscated with Allah Ka Islam and Mullah Ka Islam and such nonsense, then all liberals would have conducted themselves exactly the way they did in Charlie Hedbo and Kamlesh Tiwari cases.

So what changed that Macron was forced to call spade a spade? France is a victim of Islamic terror since turn of the millennium. Paris has experienced muslims rioting for long. Seems French citizens are tired of the political correctness that provides support and protection to islamists. Politicians understand the mood of the masses better and are forced to reflect that in their actions. That’s what Macron did. If French were still “tolerant”, then Macron would have done standard secular liberal obfuscation. But that is not the case. This shows how winds change and politicians are forced to change their stance to reflect public sentiments. Let’s not forget France will have its Presidential elections in 2022. Macron cannot sacrifice his prospects by playing to the gallery of liberals by ignoring public sentiments. He is not a Congressi.

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