Shashi Tharoor needs to introspect and analyse performance of states before blaming BJP for mismanaging COVID-19

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Congressi Shashi Tharoor could only find Pakistan to belittle India and our efforts in fighting Corona. Fair enough. Its natural for a liberal to falsely accuse India for everything, including their own failures.

Lets do a fact check of the COVID-19 numbers and performance of “some” states and evaluate their performance. India ranks 2nd in terms of number of cases in the world. However, if we dissect the numbers of every state and how they have tackled COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic, then the numbers will give a completely different picture. As we start this data analysis, let us not forget that Healthcare is in State list, and states are totally responsible for successes and failures. In January 2020, the High Level Group formed for the health sector by the 15th Finance Commission had recommended that Health sector be moved to Concurrent list, and activists had opposed this recommendation. With health being exclusively a state subject, it is futile to blame centre for mistakes and non performance of states, when centre has no control in this matter.

Now let us evaluate performance of states.

First, Mr. Shashi Tharoor’s home state – Kerala. Kerala has more cases and active cases compared to Pakistan. Whole of Pakistan has 3,23,019 total cases and 9,296 active cases, whereas ONLY Kerala has 3,34,229 total cases and 96,008 active cases. What does Mr. Tharoor have to say about this kind of grand performance and failure of his homestate, especially when compared to Pakistan, in whose event he was bashing India?

Now let us come to even more deeper evaluation of performance of Congress ruled states, either independently or along with its alliance partners.

First state that comes to our mind is Maharashtra. Maharashtra leads the country with highest impact of COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic. If we compare Maharashtra’s numbers with world’s top 3 most affected nations, then Maharashtra individually and independently would rank 3rd in the world in terms of number of total and active cases, after US and Brazil.

Congress rules 5 states – Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab, Jharkhand, and Chhatisgarh. This means Congress rules 17% of the states in the country. However, its share in total and active cases in the country is 29% and 31% respectively. Worst is the case of performance of Congress ruled states in total COVID-19 deaths in the country. 5 Congress ruled states account for 44% of the total deaths in the country.

How can Mr. Tharoor explain, defend, and justify Congress’ performance in fighting COVID-19 and Congress’ abstract failure in this case?

Liberal media made lot of noise on success of #KeralaModel and then #BhilwaraModel. However, we are now seeing how horribly these states are performing compared to BJP ruled states.

It would be advisable for an educated and intellectual person like Mr. Tharoor to do some very basic number crunching and comparative analysis of performance of various states and their failure in curbing the spread of Coronavirus and then blame states that are responsible for making India rank as the 2nd worst effected country in the world. As a former minister and more importantly a very senior official in United Nations, it is imperative for Mr. Tharoor to know the fact that health is a state subject, and any person who is not blinded by Congressi / Leftist / Islamist ideology and can do a basic fact check can debunk statements made by Mr. Tharoor.

It is also important for a senior and respectable person like Mr. Tharoor to know that on some platforms and some issues, he needs to take a non-partisan stand. I wonder what did he achieve by belittling India with flawed statements and that too in a Pakistani event, except winning applauses of liberals and leadership in Congress.

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