The (Honest) truth about (Dis-honest) Intellectual

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Intellectual, Philosophy, thinker were the titles given to the rare and few. But then, there were rare and few means to advertise and the title was always based on people view and their appreciation. The world is changing fast and similarly the concept of intellectual has changed a lot, more from a wholistic global approach to segmented into self-proclamation in social media, region, religion, affinity towards a belief, faith and even hatred towards a belief and faith.

Amongst the above, I (a common thinker with no gift of being intellectual by any means) am most scared of the one that believes negative and hatred as being intellectual. The lesser gifted brains like mine look up to these people to gather some wisdom that I can use in my life, whether in my lifestyle as in food habits, good healthy regime to professional life trying to be a good leader (moving away from being just a manager) to derive a thought about the politics and its benefit to the society or country.

When I look at these intellects talking about hatred, terrorism, fascism in India, I am completely lost. I looked in the dictionary, failed to get the meaning they are stating, I then tried going back to my school and asked for a refund as I thought my teachers taught me wrong, as they never claimed to be intellectuals but just mere teachers, so they are wrong. Then the wise retired teacher (not intellectual but just wise) told to believe in the logic and the intention of words and not just words itself.

So here I am, having gained some wisdom of interpreting intellects words and sentences and attempting that.

There have been few buzzwords coming from India. Modi is fascists, RSS is terrorist organisation, latest being some great movie star (Am I giving undue credit here) comparing RSS to Taliban, Hindutva terrorism, Muslim bashing in India etc.

The buzzword of fascism.

I tried to understand what Fascism means. It is a philosophy that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition

Now as far as my very little knowledge, BJP have been voted to power with absolute majority based on the election manifesto of BJP. Now amongst the main points, BJP have fulfilled most of them like Triple Talaq Bill, Abrogation of Article 370, Farm Bill etc. Further these bills were introduced in line with law and the constitution of India. How does this become fascist? BJP wont follow other parties manifesto of appeasement and degeneration of J&K mainly because people voted for BJP’s manifesto.

Further BJP lost assembly elections in Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Delhi. Or the protest of Farm bill held in partnership with anti-India Khalistan group? If I go by the definition above, where is the forcible oppression of Opposition? Or someone is hiding the current affairs newspaper and media prints.

Fashion if calling RSS a terrorist organisation

Ok this one is cute. I think my below average brain caught the logic. RSS is called terrorist organisation by the super intellects sipping wine, smoking cigars (sometimes weeds too). I ask them often when did this happen and their constant reaction is Nathuram Godse was member of RSS so RSS is terrorist organisation. Now I have a very limited IQ brain and in that few things popped (strangely). If that’s the case (assuming Godse did a terrorist act, then shall we say most (if not all) mosques are terrorist organisation as all Muslim terrorist went to mosque and have afflation to a mosque or a Islamic body or all Gurudwaras are terrorist organisation as Satwant Singh and Beant Singh used to go to Gurudwara before killing Indira Gandhi?

Similarly, when a sporadic case of lynching or violence is linked to whole Hindutva or BJP, which may have been done by a criminal (possible in 1.3 billion population country), can we the designate all Muslim parties as rapists, murderers and looters as that happened in J&K (Hindu minorities raped assaulted and kicked out of the only muslim majority state of India)? Oh, and how come each one of them are slaughtered for writing against terrorist RSS group? Isn’t the same happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia etc, all muslim countries? I am not diverting to other religion as the intellectuals seem to be in the mode of Hindu vs. muslim which an ignorant person like me never thought till I read them.

Muslims in danger Hmmmm!!!!

Since BJP came to power, Triple Talaq Bill has been passed to protect muslim women. Now a lot of intellectuals protested, and I am now very nervous of being called Stupid as I always thought even women can be muslims too and have basic civil rights. Maybe but how dare a party sans appeasement policy care about them? How bad it is not being able to count them as vote bank. Oh dear, is it fascism?

Since 2014, barring the CAA riots organised by AAP members, how many riots happened in India and how many deaths and how does it compare to so called before the fascist rule? Ok, I know you won’t believe me, my brains I know is in scarcity, so lets look at the published figure

I was so angry with the Central Government (so called anti muslim policy government) when a very famous, intellectual, thinker, philosopher and crying each day (night that person is busy) tweeted and wrote about the pathetic policy of the Government to keep the muslims uneducated. And that person tweeted almost every day, then became persons tweeting which means few other intellectuals joined in, sipping wine, smoking cigars. I was very angry. I wanted to sue the Government and wanted to ask for compensation (of additional wines and cigars) for these intellectuals who had to overspend on wine and cigars to think. Then my wise teacher (remember he is retired and has nothing to do) sent me this link (oh yes he learnt computers)

I am now confused. Is being intellectual, thinker and self-proclaimed philosopher means by default one is honest and truthful or is it most likely the other way round? I wanted to make sure I get worth of every penny I spent as fees, so I ran to my wise (not intellectual or philosopher) teacher, and he said this, supporting is easy, be careful when opposing. Make sure you are opposing the principle and means not the goal if you are in the same mission. I thought my mission is to see India and Indians (irrespective to race, religion, colour, creed) progress. I just realised its too much taxing for my little brain to think if most of these so-called intellectuals have the same goal. I leave that for your capable brain to decide.

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